"COURTNEY BARNETT IS A ROCK GOD" is all I could think during her headlining set in Prospect Park last night (7/25). Backed by a very able band that includes Katie Harkin (Sky Larkin, Sleater-Kinney, etc) on guitar, Courtney had no trouble delivering an arena-ready rock show to the large crowd from the large stage. So many songs felt like hits, that it's hard to believe she only has two full length albums -- including this year's Tell Me How You Really Feel -- and a couple of EPs. From slow songs to heavy metal style rocking out -- complete with a professional light show, there was never a dull moment.

Courtney was the last act on a triple bill with Julien Baker and locals Vagabon, which was one of the most exciting Summer NYC concert announcements this year, so it was super disappointing when it started to become clear that the weather would not be. Things looked even worse on the afternoon of the show; we were worried thunderstorms would cause a cancellation. Instead, just hours before doors they adjusted the set times and the show otherwise went off without a hitch. Vagabon went on 15 minutes early at 6:45pm with a 20 minute set. Julien Baker's set was very sadly shortened to just 25 minutes. We're not sure if Courtney had a shortened set, but she was completely finished with no encore at 9:15, about an hour before curfew. It did rain, but light enough to just be refreshing (that didn't stop a few people from holding up umbrellas for a lot of the show though).

Vagabon's indie rock was the perfect match for the dreary weather, and sounded especially beautiful throughout the large Brooklyn park as we walked up to the show. Julien Baker, accompanied by a violin player for a few songs, did her thing with looping pedals, her guitar and her unbelievable voice. The crowd was well behaved and cheering, which was a relief because even the slightest crowd banter can make it hard to pay attention to all but the end of her set when she turned up the volume and rocked out.

Pictures are in the gallery above. Videos and setlists of Courtney and Julien's sets are below. Courtney's tour continues and hits Newport Folk Festival this weekend.

Courtney Barnett at Prospect Park - 7/25/18 Setlist (via)
City Looks Pretty
Need a Little Time
Avant Gardener
Nameless, Faceless
I'm Not Your Mother, I'm Not Your Bitch
Small Poppies
Elevator Operator
Kim's Caravan
History Eraser
Anonymous Club
Pedestrian at Best

Julien Baker at Prospect Park - 7/25/18 Setlist (via)
Sprained Ankle
Funeral Pyre
Turn Out the Lights


photos by David Andrako

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