How long had you been thinking about bringing Coven back and when did things align for the Roadburn appearance and presumably other shows in the future?

I always wanted bring the band back but I had a period where my father was very ill. I had to take care of him for almost ten years. My father had cancer of the liver. After a few months we did a few things and his liver spots went away, which is very unusual. But things were starting to break down. He was 86 and had a lot of problems. I was the only one who was qualified to care for him. So I came back from Los Angeles to do that. After he died, it was very hard to get things going. There were a lot of problems in the country with the economy. Then, there was an estate situation and that took about five more years. I did have a reunion of the original players in 2006 and wanted to do something then. But I guess I didn’t push enough at that point. [Decibel]

Occult rock legends Coven, still led by frontwoman Jinx Dawson, reunited in 2017 for Roadburn, then played their first US show in 27 years at Northwest Terror Fest that same year, then kept the reunion going this year at festivals like Maryland Deathfest and Psycho Las Vegas. Now, they're planning an international fall tour, and finally coming to the Northeast. Jinx tweeted, "Fall Coven rituals coming to South America, Germany and U.S. east coast...Many Hails to all...\m/"

While more dates are possibly TBA, Coven did announce some shows, including US stops at Philly's Trocadero Theater on October 25 and NYC's Le Poisson Rouge on October 27 (probably worth noting that the latter is the Saturday before Halloween). Tickets for Philly and NYC are on sale now. All known dates are listed below.

In that same interview quoted above, Jinx told Decibel "I do see new music in the future. There will be another one, for sure." Meanwhile, Listen to their 1969 debut album Witchcraft Destroys Minds & Reaps Souls (which, for what it's worth, is home to a song called "Black Sabbath") below.

Coven -- 2018 Tour Dates (more TBA?)
9/27 Arena Recoleta Santago, Chile
9/29 Setembro Negro Festival Sao Paulo, Brazil
10/25 Trocadero Theater Philadelphia, PA
10/27 Le Poisson Rouge New York, NY
11/16 Hammer of Doom Wurzburg, Germany