Cowboy Junkies gave a 30th anniversary reissue to their classic Trinity Sessions LP earlier this year, and today they released a new album -- their first in six years -- called All That Reckoning. Like they've done many times throughout their lengthy career, they work in bits of folk, slowcore, and dream pop, and it probably helps that those sounds are very in fashion right now, but it's still impressive how currently relevant it sounds for a band this far into their career. It's also lyrically very current, given the political nature of the album. Via Billboard:

"I think a lot of people are trying to figure out where we're headed in the world, where society is going, what's gonna come out the other end," [guitarist Michael] Timmins says. "There's a lot of pressures and a lot of crumbling of institutions, very little foundation to put one's feet on again, especially at an older age. You sort of expect things to be there and realize, 'My God, what I thought was a standard, whether it be an institution or a way of dealing with people in our society, is disappearing.'"

U.S. politics is a big part of that, of course, and Timmins feels the impact even though he and Cowboy Junkies are ensconced in Canada. "For Canadians, the U.S. is our lifeblood," he explains. "A lot of us work there. I'm married to an American. So there are many ties to it culturally, politically and, seriously, economically. When things go askew there it really toys with us no matter how ordered we make our own little corner of the world. So it's frightening. It's worrisome, on a very real world level. And to have kids going into that world, it only adds anxiety to one's existence."

Stream the album and watch the new video for "Sing Me A Song" below.

The band have also been on tour, and their first show since the new album's release will be this Wednesday (7/18) in Lexington, MA. After that, they'll land in NYC for three shows at City Winery: July 22, 23, and 24 (tickets). They play Bethel Woods, NY a few days after that, and have more US, Canada, UK, and Europe shows scheduled through November. All dates and tickets HERE.

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