The Hold Steady's Craig Finn (with backing band The Uptown Controllers) and The Weakerthans' John K Samson brought their perfectly-paired joint tour to NYC's City Winery last night (10/31). In honor of it being a Halloween show, Craig Finn, his entire band, and John K Samson all dressed up as Paul Stanley of KISS. Craig also encouraged the crowd to do the same, and had volunteer face painters on hand for anyone who wanted to get their Paul Stanley look on at the show. Craig Finn did just one KISS cover ("Hard Luck Woman"), but mostly kept his set similar to the rest of this tour, playing most of this year's We All Want the Same Things. As he's also been doing on this tour, he did one song solo by his pre-Hold Steady band Lifter Puller ("Mission Viejo"), and covers of Gillian Welch's "Wrecking Ball" and Husker Du's "She's A Woman (and Now He Is A Man)," joined by John K Samson. While John K Samson was on stage, they also played The Weakerthans' "Aside" together at this show.

John K Samson did a set with songs from his great 2016 solo album Winter Wheat and also played plenty of Weakerthans songs, including the entire "Virtute" song cycle. You can see a partial video of that below.

Pictures of the Paul Stanley-themed show are in the gallery above. Craig's Finn's setlist is below.

Craig Finn at City Winery on Halloween 2017 (via)
God In Chicago
Ninety Bucks
Apollo Bay
Jester & June
Be Honest
Maggie I've Been Searching For Our Son
Rescue Blues
Birds Trapped In The Airport
Hard Luck Woman (KISS cover)
Tangletown (solo)
Mission Viejo (Lifter Puller song) (solo)
Newmyer's Roof
Trapper Avenue
Wrecking Ball (Gillian Welch cover) (with John K. Samson)
Aside (The Weakerthans cover) (with John K. Samson)
She's a Woman (and Now He Is a Man) (Hüsker Dü cover) (with John K. Samson)