For Record Store Day (which has been pushed to June 20 due to the coronavirus outbreak), The Hold Steady's Craig Finn is releasing All These Perfect Crosses, a 2xLP set featuring songs from the sessions of his last three solo albums that "didn’t fit the theme or the flow of the record they were recorded for" and a few demos and acoustic versions of previously released songs. The first song to be shared from the release -- the title track -- is out today and it's a lovely piano ballad that could have only come from the mind and voice of Craig Finn. Here's what Craig said about the album:

Now that I’m back from London, I wanted to tell you about my new release! All These Perfect Crosses is a 2xLP set out [June 20] for Record Store Day, courtesy of the amazing people at Partisan Records. The songs largely come from the sessions that made up my last three records, but it’s also got a few demos and acoustic versions. All of this music was lovingly produced by Josh Kaufman, and a great deal of it was recorded by the awesome Dan Goodwin. (The demos and acoustic tracks were recorded by Josh).

These are songs I really love, they often just didn’t fit the theme or the flow of the record they were recorded for. Thus, I’m thrilled to be putting these together and putting them out in the world on vinyl. I wrote liner notes about each of the tracks, and the whole package is really cool. Artwork by Vance Wellenstein. I can’t wait for you to hear it.

Craig also added this statement today, including a list of five Record Store Day releases he's excited for:

Hope everyone is staying healthy. I've got a new song out today. It's called “All These Perfect Crosses”, and it's the title track from the double LP coming out June 20 for Record Store Day courtesy of Partisan Records. The song was recorded during the I Need A New War sessions, and is produced by Josh Kaufman and was recorded and mixed by D. James Goodwin. The songs on this collection mostly come from the sessions from my last three records. All were produced by Josh, and a great many were recorded by Dan. It was a bit heartbreaking to leave these songs off the original records due to space or flow or whatever, so I'm very happy to have them released on vinyl and for #RSD20. Photo here by Dan Monick. Artwork by Vance Wellenstein.

Also I put together a list of RSD titles I'm excited about this year, which we're calling #myRSDfive. I've elaborated a little at the Record Store Day site, but meanwhile, here they are.

Lots of live records this year for me....I'm probably getting antsy. Let me know if there's anything you're especially excited for. And please support your local record store.

My five:

Cheap Trick - Out To Get You LP
Hiss Golden Messenger - Let the Light Of The World Open Your Eyes 7"
The Murder Capital - Live from London 12”
The Pretenders - Live at the Paradise Boston 1980 LP
The Replacements - Complete Inconcerated Live 3xLP

Listen to the new song and view the tracklist below...

A1. All These Perfect Crosses A2. It's Never Been A Fair Fight A3. Ram In The Thicket A4. Wild Animals A5. Calvary Court (Full Band)
B1. God in Chicago (Horn Version) B2. Eventually I Made It To Sioux City B3. They Know Where I Live B4. Sometimes She Doesn't Call Back B5. Screenwriter's School

C1. Three Drinks C2. Extras C3. Calvary Court (Piano Version) C4. Rescue Blues (Demo) C5. Tangletown (Demo)
D1. Plattsburgh (Acoustic) D2. It's Never Been A Fair Fight (Acoustic) D3. Magic Marker (Acoustic) D4. Blankets (Acoustic) D5. Grant at Galena (Acoustic)

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