DOWNLOAD: Baby - "Unreal" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Baby - "Giddyup" (MP3)


After the breakup of his arty post-hardcore band Shudder to Think, Craig Wedren formed the much poppier project, the bubblegum-y Baby, under which he released a self titled LP on his own Nerveland Recordings in 2004. In place of the dissonant riffing of Shudder to Think, Baby favored upbeat synths and big pop choruses. Craig is reissuing that album next week (6/19) and it will contain unreleased songs and demo versions. You can pre-order the album now on Amazon. The song "Get Your Body," which you can stream below, will also be featured on the upcoming DVD release of Wanderlust, which Craig scored. You can also hear two other tracks from that album, "Unreal" and "Giddyup," both of which are downloadable above.

In related news, the new Baby website will go live Tuesday (6/12) morning. And also, there will be a Baby mixtape released on July 2 with covers of Beatles, Duran Duran, The Clash, War, Joni Mitchell songs and more.


Baby - "Unreal"

Baby - "Get Your Body"

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