Santa Cruz punk vets Craig's Brother were initially around in the '90s and early '00s before breaking up in 2001, reforming in 2003, releasing a new EP the following year, and then disappearing again for a while. They put out two albums on Tooth & Nail during their initial run, and they had a close relationship with pre-fame Yellowcard (whose frontman Ryan Key was briefly in Craig's Brother, whose violinist Sean Mackin played on Craig's Brother's 2001 sophomore album, and whose guitarist Ben Harper released Craig's Brother's 2004 EP on his Takeover Records label). As a punk band from California in the '90s, they were influenced by (and often compared to) stuff like NOFX and Lagwagon, but Craig's Brother always stood apart from their peers because of singer Ted Bond's voice. He was one of those punk singers who could really sing, but knew how to be an attitude-fueled punk frontman at the same time. And the songs were good too. If you've never listened to, say, fan fave "Divorce," but you dig melodic punk in general, it's worth a spin.

Craig's Brother finally returned with the new album The Insidious Lie in 2011 before going away again, and now the band is back again with their first new music in eight years, the Devils In The Details EP, due May 3 via Indie Vision Music (pre-order). They recently released lead single "Lifetime Of Regret," and we're now premiering the EP's opening track, "Follow Your Heart." It's cut from the same cloth as the band's classics, but it's got warmer, more modern production that suits them well. It's a no-frills, super catchy, driving punk song with some well-executed "whoa"s, and if that sounds like your kinda thing, check this out below.

1. Follow Your Heart
2. Maintaining Destiny
3. Lifetime of Regret
4. Harry Vs. Mount Saint Helens
5. Devils In The Details

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