Creep Show, the collaboration between John Grant and synth trio Wrangler (which includes Cabaret Voltaire's Stephen Mallinder, Tuung's Phil Winter and Ben "Benge" Edwards), are back with the follow-up to 2018's Mr Dynamite. It's titled Yawning Abyss and will be out June 16 via Bella Union. Check out the tracklist and cover art below.

“On this album,” says Benge, “Wrangler wrangled some vintage synths, mostly Roland, Moog, and the ‘Crystal Machine’ - then John Grant joined in the fun at Memetune Studios where lots of musical experiments were carried out. Then Mal and John ran off to Iceland with the master tapes and recorded a load of madcap vocals. Back at Memetune, me and Phil were left to try and make sense of it all. Which wasn’t hard because what they did in Iceland was totally magnificent.”

The first single from the album is the title track, which glides along percolating electro backing, perfect for Grant's sonorous voice, as he sings "come sink with me into the yawning abyss, you'd have to be a crazy person to assert you've never wanted this." Listen below.

creep show yawning abyss

Yawning Abyss:
1. The Bellows
2. Moneyback
3. Yawning Abyss
4. Matinee
5. Wise
6. Yahtzee!
7. Bungalow
8. Steak Diane
9. The Bellows Reprise

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