Greg Bresnitz has been combining his love of music and food in various projects for a while now. Along with his brother and Finger on the Pulse DJ partner, Greg co-created cooking series Dinner with the Band, hosted the Snacky Tunes show on Heritage Radio, and published book Snacky Tunes: Music is the Main Ingredient. He's now hosting new seasonal podcast, Crescendo!, which "explores the intersection of food and music." Here's more:

On each episode, a guest chef takes us through a 7-course dream menu, pairing each plate with a unique track. We talk about the dishes in depth and listen to their musical pairings—dropped directly into the podcast bringing all kinds of never-before-told stories to the table. Throughout the menu, we explore the interplay between food and music, taking listeners behind-the-scenes and into the kitchen, where the stereo is always turned up to 11.

Season One features chefs from around the world: Pooja Dhingra (Le15, Mumbai), Paulie Gee (Paulie Gee’s), Prince Lobo (Addis, New Orleans), Robbie Wilson (Bird Dog, Palo Alto), Alan Delgado (Oxomoco, Brooklyn), JuanMa Calderon & Maria Rondeau (esmeralda, Andover), Najat Kaanache (Nur, Fez), Erik Bruner-Yang (ABC Pony, Washington, D.C.), Preeti Mistry (Juhu Beach Club, San Francisco), Hollie Girouard & Roddie Romero (Ton’s, Lafayette), Andy & Breezy Valdez (HomeState, Los Angeles), and Dennis Ngo (Đi Ăn Đi, Brooklyn).

Check out the episode with Đi Ăn Đi's Dennis Ngo, whose pairings playlist includes My Bloody Valentine, Spiritualized, Frank Ocean and more, below and check out all the Season One episodes here.

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