By Doug Moore

Cripple Bastards at Public Assembly, 2011 (more by Samantha Marble)


This year's Maryland Deathfest lineup is pretty much set, which means that it's time for the participating bands to start announcing regional dates around that time of year (late May).

Two such notable dates have been announced recently. On May 21 at Saint Vitus (which is the same Wednesday night as MDF's pre-show in Baltimore), long-running Italian grinders Cripple Bastards (who have a new album coming out on Relapse in February) will top a bill that also includes the excellent Miami deathgrind unit Maruta and Canada's Archagathus, along with non-MDF countrymen Detroit. Tickets to that show aren't on sale yet, but keep an eye out.

The second show is a treat, too. On May 22 at Vitus (AKA the first day of the fest), recently reformed Californian death/grinders Excruciating Terror will make their first ever East Coast appearance alongside a slate of MDF bands that also haven't played around here much, if at all: Japan's Unholy Grave (who last played NYC in 2006), Swedish grind jokers Birdflesh (first NYC appearance), Canada's Mesrine (first USA appearance), ex-Insect Warfare Bolt Thrower worshippers War Master, and Swede death metal resurrectionists Entrails, who've never played the States either. Tickets for that one are on sale now.

These shows are must-hit if you're a grind fan who can't make it to Baltimore for the fest proper. Stream some tunes from each show's lineup below...


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