by Black Bubblegum

Crippled Black Phoenix

What do you get when you cross an Iron Monkey with a Mogwai? No, not some freakishly awesome kung-fu fighter that can't eat after midnight... You get a Crippled Black Phoenix!

2009 will see three LP releases for Crippled Black Phoenix. The Resurrectionists and Night Raider will be only be available as imports (much like their 2006 release, A Love Of Shared Disasters) by Invada Records (a label owned by Portishead's Geoff Barrow). In the US, Cargo Records is releasing 200 Tons Of Bad Luck, "a single album version comprising of a collection of songs from both [previously named new] albums". That will drop in "March-ish" of 2009.

CBP was originally conceived as a project between Dominic Aitchison (Mogwai) and Justin Greaves, who has done time in many great heavy bands including Electric Wizard, Iron Monkey, and Teeth Of Lions Rule The Divine (with sunn o))) members Stephen O'Malley & Greg Anderson and current Cathedral frontman Lee Dorrian). The band has taken many shapes and colors since inception, but currently count Joe Volk (Gonga), Kostas Panagiotou and Charlotte Nicholls as the other members.

Don't let that pedigree fool you though, the band definitely leans alot more in the Godspeed You Black Emperor! direction, as you may be able to tell from "Rise Up And Fight" (downloadable above). Check it out, and look out for news of a US Tour as soon as we have full details.

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