Streaming service Criterion Channel is paying tribute to one of film's greatest and most prolific composers, Ennio Morricone, by offering up 22 films with scores by The Maestro in April. Among the films available to watch are a few of his spaghetti westerns (Death Rides a Horse, Duck, You Sucker, The Big Gundown), classics (Battle of Algiers, Arabian Nights, Days of Heaven, The Mission), and giallo thrillers and exploitation fare with amazing scores including The Bird with the Crystal Plumage, Night Train Murders, and A Quiet Place in the Country.

You can check out the full lineup of "The Maestro: Scores by Ennio Morricone" here. The Criterion Channel does require a subscription, but they offer a 14 day trial, and the catalogue of films they have is exceptional. Watch trailers and listen to the scores for a few of the films in the series below.

Morricone died last July at age 91. Rest in peace, Maestro.

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