Enemies and ex-bandmates Harley Flanagan and John Joseph (and Mackie Jayson) have been battling over use of the Cro-Mags name. John has been using the name for a while, but Harley recently started playing club shows as "Cro-Mags" too. Now, after what may have been a day in court, Harley has released a statement saying they've reached an agreement. Going forward, Flanagan will have "exclusive ownership of the name as such in all commercial purposes world-wide." There will, however, be a three-month transition period where Joseph and Jayson's shows may be still billed as Cro-Mags, but after that John & Mackie's version will be known as Cro-Mags "JM."

It was John and Mackie's verson on the Hatebreed/Obituary tour that just ended after shows in CT and NYC (at Playstation Theatre on Friday). We were initially confused, but it is Harley's band that is the "Cro-Mags" opening the upcoming Misfits reunion show in L.A., though Harley played under his own name when he recently opened the Misfits show in NJ. Harley's band also plays a Best Wishes show on June 21 at Sunnyvale (tickets).

You can watch Harley read the statement, and read it yourself, below.

After many years of confusion, rumor and dispute, I, John Joseph and Mackie Jayson have reached a settlement designed to avoid any further confusion about the Cro-Mags mark and band. I, as the founder of the band and bass player on all Cro-Mags albums (Age of Quarrel, Best Wishes, Alpha Omega, Near Death Experience and Revenge) will be performing as Cro-Mags going forward and have exclusive ownership of the name as such in all commercial purposes world-wide. There will be a three month transition during which time I will be performing as Cro-Mags and John and Mackie’s shows may still be advertised as Cro-Mags as they finalize their name change to CRO-MAGS “JM”. During this transition period, to confirm which band you want to see, please check on our websites or social media pages. As of August 1, 2019, all shows under the CRO-MAGS name (on its own) will feature me, and all of John and Mackie’s shows will be under the name CRO-MAGS “JM”. Thanks for your patience as we wrap this up. Now that we have come to an agreement, I look forward to continuing to deliver music from the entire Cro-Mags catalogue the fans have come to know and love, be able to perform live without confusion and continue to create new music with the distinctive sound that is Cro-Mags.

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