by BBG

Crooked Necks

We typically don't like covers. And as much as we love Joy Division, we think the JD influence is overdone. Despite those two incredibly thwarting factors, the brutal reality here is that out of real life tragedy was born the most honest collection of covers we have heard. Crooked Necks leaves the spirit of Joy Division completely intact, while running it through their own highly innovative filter. -[Handmade Birds]

Though Crooked Necks contains Lurker, alumnus of a zillion bands of the blackened ilk, CN only utilizes that brooding atmosphere on their drug-hazed goth/shoegaze/post-punk/slowcore LP Alright is Exactly What It Isn't which is out now. Listen to "Taste The Sounds" from that album below.

Crooked Necks takes the same approach on the above-referenced Joy Divison covers EP entitled Something Must Break. It's five covers of classics by the UK post-punk godfathers that expand on the impending dread that marked the releases of the ultimately doomed band. The fascinating reimagination was quickly snapped up when released on limited cassette, but is now available on vinyl for the first time. Stream it in full below, and order your copy of the LP and the EP at Handmade Birds. While you're at it, check out their split with the eclectic (and awesome) Circle of Ouroboros as well.

Those songs and more below...

Crooked Necks - Taste The Sounds

Crooked Necks - Ruining You

Crooked Necks - Nothing Was Ever There