Cross Polination mixtapeWhile Ruined Music is celebrating it's one year anniversary over at the Delancey tonight (and stuff), BV-contributor Undisputed Wes will be celebrating the three year anniversary of "Cross Polination" - his (Liberated Matter's) weekly, free singer-songwriter-mashup series that happens every Tuesday night at Pianos in NYC. Tonight's performers will be a special mix of past Cross-Pol performers from through the years. That includes musician (and Liberated Matter partner) Jay Mankind, Here Lies PA, Wakey!Wakey!,, Jeff Jacobson, Matt Singer, Derek James, Wynn Walent, and more.

Normally there are just two artists - each plays their own set, and then they get together on stage to "cross pollinate". Tonight will probably be a whole lot of short sets, and even more cross-pollinating. It's always 100% free. More on how it normally works in the interview I did with Wes and Jay back in 2005.

If you can't be there tonight (May 8, 2007), at least partake in this 100%-absolutely-FREE "Cross-Pollination: The Mixtape Vol. 1". By "partake", I mean download the free MP3s (you'll recognize a lot of the names from the performer list above as well).....

"Mixtape Vol. 1 was compiled to celebrate Cross-Pollination, a weekly concert series that brings together some of the most incredibly, and at times, undiscovered raw talent from across the country"...

Download the whole mixtape HERE, or track by track....

01. MY BRIGHTEST DIAMOND - Hi, Remember Me? (MP3)
02. KEVIN DEVINE - You'll Only End Up Joining Them (Acstc) (MP3)
03. WAKEY!WAKEY! - Falling Apart (MP3)
04. UNDISPUTED HEAVYWEIGHTS - Roll Your Windows Down (MP3)
05. THE BLOODSUGARS - Purpose Was Again (MP3)
06. MATT SINGER - Stacy J. (MP3)
07. DEREK JAMES - Love Me, Love Me (MP3)
08. CLOUD CULT - Pretty Voice (MP3)
09. CASEY SHEA - Quinzy Howzin (MP3)
10. JEFFREY LEWIS - Tell It To Your Heart (Lou Reed Cover) (MP3)
11. THE LLOYDS - Halfway (MP3)
12. JAY MANKIND - Western States (Demo) (MP3)
14. DAVE DEPORIS - Be Strong (MP3)

It's especially nice to see Dave Deporis releasing something somewhere. Maybe one day we'll actually get an album out of him. His MySpace still has the same old songs.

More info on the mixtape HERE. Pictures of Cloud Cult playing Cross-Pol HERE. An interview with My Brightest Diamond by Wes HERE.

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