Crystal Castles @ Irving Plaza - April 14, 2010 (TLC Blog)
Crystal CAstles

"Crystal Castles' new single "Doe Deer" will be released on Record Store Day on April 17th. The release will be limited to 500 copies worldwide as a 12-inch vinyl and will not be available digitally or on CD. The one-minute and 37 second song will be accompanied on the EP by songs recorded by the band in 2004: "Mother Knows Best", "Insectica" and "Seed"."

"Doe Deer" can be streamed in the video below. The track will appear on the band's new self-titled album (not to be confused with their first self-titled album) that is out in June. Tracklist below too. Above, you can grab two free band-approved, but unreleased remixes.

The above picture (more like it at Flickr) comes from last night's Crystal Castles/Pictureplane show at Irving Plaza. The band return to NYC as part of their HARD tour in August.

"Doe Dear" (via)

"Crystal Castles" tracklist
01 "Fainting Spells"
02 "Celestica"
03 "Doe Deer"
04 "Baptism"
05 "Year of Silence"
06 "Empathy"
07 "Suffocation"
08 "Violent Dreams"
09 "Vietnam"
10 "Birds"
11 "Pap Smear"
12 "Not in Love"
13 "Intimate"
14 "I Am Made of Chalk"