There is seemingly no part of the '90s that isn't being dug up and revived for "remember when?" nostalgia. The bottom of the barrel looks to be near, as we've now hit the rightly-forgotten clear beverage craze of the early '90s when "translucent" equated to "healthy" and gave us Zima, Crystal Light, Orbitz, NY Seltzer and others. There was also Crystal Pepsi, which was announced with a Superbowl commercial in 1992 set to Van Halen's "Right Now" (watch below) before hitting stores that April. It didn't really taste like Pepsi (it was closer to Sprite), wasn't so much disliked as met with a shrug, and disappeared from shelves by the end of 1993. It lived on, though, as a punchline.

Well, after a few test markets Crystal Pepsi is back and will be on store shelves August 8. Excited? Crystal Pepsi is. Marketing director Linda Lagos told Billboard, "We're not just trying to bring the product back, we're trying to bring the '90s experience back. It felt like the stars were aligned with Pepsi with this one. We happen to have a very authentic connection to the '90s with this quirky, iconic brand."

Uh huh. To celebrate Crystal Pepsi's return, the soda manufacturer has made a retro website (very Angelfire), and they're also throwing a "Summer of '92" party at NYC's Terminal 5 on August 9 with performances by Biz Markie, Salt N' Peper, En Vogue, and Lisa Loeb. (Never mind that Lisa Loeb's hit "Stay" was 1994 or that Biz Markie's biggest hit was 1989. Were Pepsi & Shirlie not available?) The event will also have a "'90s cut & style salon,” an arcade full of ’90s games, a “recess” area with tetherball, four-square, and a “smells like ’90s scent station.” Tickets will become available today (7/29) though when, exactly, or whether they can be bought or you have to collect bottlecaps or something, remains to be seen.

If you'd like to see Salt N' Pepa and Biz Markie revel in '90s nostalgia along with a bunch of other artists (mostly) from that era that doesn't involve clear beverage marketing, there's always the "I Love the '90s" tour which hits NYC's Amphitheater at Coney Island Boardwalk on September 2.



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