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From the Crystal Stilts:

we've just had our van stolen, along with all of our equipment. i can't even really process this at the moment, so here is melissa scaduto's post, who's supposed to tour manage us on the way to sxsw:

So, Crystal Stilts & I are were planning this tour to SXSW this year. We have 3 showcases already booked. We were also planning on touring New Orleans, Columbus, Atlanta, Memphis, Nashville, & other places... but the van we were gonna use to tour, got FUCKING stolen. With all the equipment in it, Multi-vox tape echo, Ampeg Reverb amp, JB's guitars, Vox Jaguar organ, amongst other shit, we have no money for.

Now we're fucked. There was no insurance on the van cause we're poor. We still wanna play all these shows & do this in March but we don't know what to do. Does anyone have a van we can borrow & we can rent from whomever, so it is somehow cheaper than renting a van? any ideas?

Also, there is a show on Friday @ Bard College. We're gonna play it, whatever it takes, the money from it was suppose to go to the tour fund. Please let us know what ideas you have and how you might be able to help. We are totally fucked now and things were just starting to get good.

Please call us or write:
melissa - 646. 852. 7887

Crystal Stilts are from Brooklyn so I assume that is where it happened.

Crystal Stilts - 2008 Tour Dates
Feb 14 - Union Pool Brooklyn, New York
Feb 15 - BARD college annadale-on-hudson, New York
Feb 16 - cake shop mnhtn, New York
Mar 1 - Galapagos Brooklyn, New York
Mar 13 - South By Southwest 13th-18th Austin