Connecticut's The Most are an impossible-to-pin-down band who mix the chaotic math rock of early Maps & Atlases with Animal Collective/Dirty Projectors style art rock and top it off with jazzy horns, but even that description doesn't fully capture the breadth of this eccentric band's music. They're releasing their new album Of What We Have this Friday (10/9) via Choke Artist (pre-order), and we're now premiering third single "Reintroduction." Speaking to us about this track, the band said:

“Depressed thought is heavy to remind how spirit spears it’s peers to steer in the right direction”

These lyrics come from a moment of loss; some people who were very important to some of us passed in a car accident 5 years ago. The lyrics were written in reflection saying that we’re all really bummed and so sad that this happened, but we’re all still here, and we need to listen to each other, help each other get back on track.

We thought a lot about space and arrangement with this song. We realize as a 7 piece band we can get in our own way very often, and this song showcases that when we delegate certain parts and riffs to different members of the band, leave more space, and try to arrange the song more creatively it can be really powerful. It’s one of our favorites on the album.

Listen to the new song and the two previous singles below...

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