Connecticut metalcore wrecking crew Boundaries are following 2019's killer My Body In Bloom EP with their first full-length album, Your Receding Warmth, on November 13 via Unbeaten Records (pre-order). The album was recorded with producer Randy LeBoeuf (who's also worked with Every Time I Die, The Acacia Strain, and produced the anticipated new Chamber album), and Randy's crisp, gut-punching production is perfect for Boundaries' sound.

The first single is "Carve," which starts out as bone-crushing metalcore, but there's more to this song than just straight-up mosh fuel. It's got a soaring post-metal mid-section and there's genuine emotion in Matt McDougal's voice. If you dig Knocked Loose (who Boundaries have opened for) or Chamber or Sanction or other current bands in that realm, you don't wanna sleep on this. Listen and watch the video below.


1. Is Survived By
2. Fade Away
3. Carve
4. My Strength
5. Get Out
6. Behind the Bend
7. Written and Rephrased
8. I’d Rather Not Say
9. One Moment From Disaster
10. Your Receding Warmth
11. From the Departed, Dear or Otherwise


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