Cult musician Peter Ivers released two albums for Warner Brothers in the mid-'70s, but his career stretched from the '60s through the early '80s when he became known for hosting Los Angeles-area public access show New Wave Theatre that basically documented the L.A. scene in real time. He died in 1983, victim of a homicide that has never been solved.

Ivers was an extremely prolific artist, recording hundreds of songs on his own over the years and RVNG Int. is unearthing some of those on a new retrospective compilation, Becoming Peter Ivers. It collects 25 songs -- demos, rehearsals, outtakes and "unsung favorites" -- transferred from a survey of over 500 reels and cassettes, plus a booklet featuring many unseen photos and ephemera. Included is Peter's version of "In Heaven," the song he co-wrote with David Lynch for Eraserhead, which was used in the film's iconic "lady in the radiator" sequence. Unsurprisingly, his is a much different version and you can listen to that below.

Becoming Peter Ivers is out November 8 (pre-order). Check out the full tracklist and a trailer for the compilation below.

1. Take Your Chances With Me
2. Eighteen and Dreaming
3. Love Is A Jungle
4. Conference Call at Four
5. Peter
6. Even Stephen Foster
7. I’m Sorry Alice
8. Deborah
9. Miraculous Weekend
10. Holding The Cobra
11. Audience of One
12. Alpha Centauri
13. I’ve Seen Your Face
14. My Grandmother’s Funeral
15. In Heaven
16. My Desire
17. The Night You Didn’t Come
18. Untitled
19. Love In Flight (Piano Overture)
20. Ain’t That A Kick
21. Jamaica Moon
22. Happy On The Grill
23. Window Washer (w/ Van Dyke Parks)
24. You Used To Be Stevie Wonder
25. Nirvana Cuba Waltz