Current 93, the long-running and prolific “Hallucinatory Patripassianist rock group” led by David Tibet, released their first album in three years, The Light is Leaving Us All, in 2018 and, at the time we wrote, "maybe there'll be a U.S. show scheduled around that." Wishes come true though sometimes you have to wait a bit: Current 93 will play two nights at Brooklyn's Warsaw on April 23 & 24, 2020. Here's the official edict from the group: "C93 Are OverMoon And BackAgain to announce that C93 will Channel twice in Brooklyn, New York City, at the Wonderful Warsaw, on Thursday 23 and Friday 24 April 2020. C93 shall not and will not and won’t be Channelling in any other US cities this year. Full details follow, As Sure As Moon Follows Sun. More Details Later, As Horsies On A Hill."

Tickets for the Warsaw shows go on sale Wednesday, July 24 at 10 AM. Listen to The Light is Leaving Us All below.

Current 93 were supposed to tour in 2011 but it got postponed and then never happened. According to the gigography at, Current 93's last North American shows happened in San Francisco and Toronto in 2005, and their last NYC shows happened at Tonic back in 1999. David Tibet did join ANOHNI at Joe's Pub in 2000, and ANOHNI played on 2014's I Am the Last of All the Field That Fell: A Channel. Maybe ANOHNI will perform at these Warsaw shows? We shall see.