Cursive's beloved third LP, 2000's Domestica, was their first concept album, telling the story of a relationship between "Sweetie" and "Pretty Baby." It's getting a remastered reissue via the band's 15 Passenger Records, due out on September 19, and you can pre-order it now on limited edition red and black vinyl, or black vinyl, both of which come with a 7" of four songs by Braces, Tim Kasher's short-lived, pre-Cursive band with drummer Clint Schnase and Kasher's ex-wife, bassist Kim Heiman.

The reissue comes with fresh, rephotographed cover art, featuring the same couple as the original art, portrayed by Zach Nipper and Jenn Bernard Walker. It also has a retrospective essay by Tim on the album, that includes his take on the album being considered a "divorce record." Here's an excerpt:

The thing of it is - and I’ve been repeating this for twenty years now - Domestica IS NOT a divorce record. The relationship survives. It’s more of a story about couple(s), the minutia of their daily squabbles and how difficult it can be to maintain such an intimate bond with another person. The couple in the album never split up in my storyline; I found it more depressing and perhaps more realistic that they’d stay together, despite the glaring issues…

Pre-order the Domestica reissue, along with other Cursive and Tim Kasher vinyl, at the BV store.

Cursive have two festival dates coming up this year, at Furnace Fest and The Fest.

Cursive - Domestica reissue track listing:
1. The Casualty
2. The Martyr
3. Shallow Means, Deep Ends
4. Making Friends and Acquaintances
5. A Red So Deep
6. The Lament of Pretty Baby
7. The Game of Who Needs Who the Worst
8. The Radiator Hums
9. The Night I Lost the Will to Fight

Braces companion disc track listing:
1. Deep Beneath A Blanket Of Snow
2. Penance
3. Motor Skills
4. Hot City

09/24 - Birmingham, AL - Furnace Fest
10/30 - Gainesville, FL - The Fest

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