Shoegaze vets Curve have shared an album's worth of remixes for today's Bandcamp Friday. It's the latest in their DAT Bootleg series and is titled Fate, taken from their 1992 single "Faît Accompli." The album features five mixes of that song, plus live versions of "Coast is Clear" and "Die Like a Dog" recorded in 1991.

Write the band: "These mixes are the RAW un-mastered mixes Alan [Moulder] made at the Church studios. The running order appears as is on the DAT. As per previous DAT bootleg releases these are similar mixes with various adjustments. File under Curve collectors item. The bonus live mixes are included as they appear on the original tape. Special thanks to Gavin Miller for DAT extractions and Michael Schultz for making it happen."

Listen below.


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