Cut Copy in Mexico
Cut Copy in Mexico

If you're still standing after the past few crazy days & nights of dancing there is still plenty happening Sunday and heading into the beginning of next week.

Sunday Social

One option for Sunday (9/21), if you want to start things off early and on more of the soulful side of dance music, Sunday Social is at Rose Live. The special guest this week is Tim Giles of Prime Numbers. I was fortunate enough to see Trusme (of Trusme & the Prime Numbers) back in June and he spun a really great set of disco and soulful house. With any luck Tim's set will be somewhere along the same lines, and if not, the resident deejays along with the party's environment should offer a lot to make for a pleasant afternoon experience that goes into the late evening:

The Sunday Social is a new weekly daytime jam that goes into the night, finishing at midnight. Its about DJs, a BBQ, and good drinks. Come and wind down the weekend, or wind it up one more time. Resident DJs Monk One (Waxpoetics / Black Betty), Hamish Anderson (Wonk party / Out Of The loop Recordings) and Tim Giles (Prime Numbers) will be playing everything from reggae and soul through to Latin, boogie, disco, and a few things that defy categorization.

There is a bar-be-cue in the garden featuring jerk chicken, Mexican corn, and something delicious for the vegetarians. There's also rum punch, sangria and other splendid beverages.

Rose is a beautiful, airy bar with big windows that open to the street, a garden in the back, nice seating and a decent dancefloor.

Also, be sure to check out the Sunday Social podcast.

Also going on Sunday afternoon, the Sunday Best crew is having one last hurrah and they're doing it with a bang, old school style:

Sundays Best

The boogie's being thrown at Dreamland, an open air rink with archways that look onto the beach at Coney Island; it's a costume party (dress up like a carney); Sunday Best residents Justin Carter and Eamon Harkin are playing roller boogie joints for six hours, AND it's a fundraiser for the Robin Hood Foundation.

A couple things you should know:

1. There's a rental station at Dreamland, but if you have skates or blades, you should bring them, because they're limited on what they've got.

2. There's plenty of non-rink floor-space, so if you're not a skater, you'll have a place to dance.

3. The Robin Hood Foundation, is a non-profit that fights poverty in New York City by partnering with expert organizations and individuals whose missions are as varied as creating charter schools in low-income neighborhoods and ending homelessness. For a simple overview of how they work, click here.

4. The carney costume theme is for real. Sure you can come without dressing up, but then no one will want to skate with you.

5. Resident jock Justin Carter and DailyCandy NYC Editor, Jeralyn Gerba, are running the New York Marathon to raise money for Robin Hood, and this party is part of their efforts.

6. If you'd like your admission to the rink guaranteed, and if you'd like your entry charge to be tax deductible, send an RSVP to From there, you'll receive an auto-reply with instructions on making your reservation online. You can also go straight to the online reservation page here.

7. For better or for worse, The Dreamland Roller Rink is a booze-free zone.

at Dreamland Roller Rink // 3052 W 21st St on the Coney Island Boardwalk, Brooklyn // 3p - 9p // admission is $10 (but we'd love it if you donated more) // skate rental fee of $5 is not included in admission // for more general info, go to // for advance payment info, email

Sunday Best is always a party for all ages!

For something happening on the later side of Sunday - DJ's Are Not Rockstars is back at Mr. Black (which, heads up if you haven't been in a while, is now on 24th St.). This week's edition feature a surprise guest from another great New York dj crew, Trouble & Bass. I can't say who it is, but let's just say, I can guarantee his set won't be a lemon ;) Info on the party below.

Also worth noting, DJ's Are Not Rockstars is in the process of launching its own record label. Their first track, "You've Changed" is by Alexander Technique & Lauren Flax featuring SIA. It's been remixed by Junior Sanchez with more on the way. You can listen to both versions as well as Lauren Flax's remix on her myspace. The second release is going to be Van Scott's single featuring Al called "Night Lovers" with remixers being worked out right now. You can stream the original version on Van's myspace.


Also Sunday night, moving into Monday (9/22)...

Since its announcement back in July, the Presets/Cut Copy tour has probably been one of the most hyped dance events happening this fall. With each of the live Australian electronic acts outselling multiple stops on their respective tours earlier this year, pairing them together seemed only natural. Also not surpising: both the Sunday and Monday Webster Hall shows have sold out. Hopefully you were able to get tickets. If not, you're not totally out of luck...

During the day on Monday Cut Copy and Presets will be deejaying from 2-3pm at the 14th Street Apple Store, and Modular recently announced that KIM of the Presets as well as Cut Copy will be deejaying their own afterparty at Santos Monday night following the Webster Hall show. KIM's solo productions and remixes removed from the Presets, coupled with the great "So Cosmic" mix Cut Copy released have me convinced that the afterparty will pack an equally impressive (albeit different) punch as their earlier live show. Details below.

If you missed the "So Cosmic" mix Cut Copy released earlier this year, you can get it from Music for Robots and check out Dan from Cut Copy's track by track breakdown of the mix while you're there.

Cut Copy

$5 at the door. Advanced tickets available here.

Also, if you like Italo disco be sure to check out Heartbreak who are deejaying the afterparty as well. Fact Magazine interviewed them earlier this year if you want to find out a bit more about them.

Also Monday ....

Monday (9/22)
* Francois K is at Cielo

And next Tuesday....

Tuesday (9/30)
* David Bruno is at PS1. Full info here.

I haven't looked past these events, so if you have any other tips for the week please leave them in the comments!

Part of the reason I haven't looked is pure exhaustion. It's been one pleasantly brutal week/weekend of dancing after the other, scarcely leaving me a minute to catch my breath. Dancing every day from Thursday-Sunday last weekend really took a toll on me and I woke up feeling horrible Monday morning. I quickly remembered that once summer starts to fade I always get sick. I work full time, blog, and rarely sacrafice going out because of, my health suffers after a few nights of going out until the wee hours, needing to be up just a few hours later at 7:30 in time for work. I'm sure a lot of you are in the same boat...SO. I leave you with a question/request this week:

How do you balance work/school and going out? and do you have any top secret cold/hangover remedies that you would like to share for the greater good of our late night dancing population?

talk to u next week.

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