Cy Dune, the bluesy, garage punk solo project of Akron/Family's Seth Olinsky, will release a new album, Against Face, on March 3 via Lightning Studios. We've got the premiere of the record's blistering title track.

Seth describes "Against Face" as a “a sort of ranty, self aware sincerest jab at the modern cultural techno rat race problem we humans all have, with a little nod to 'No Fun’ from The Stooges.” (You definitely hear The Stooges). “But ultimately, as with much of Cy Dune songs, the new track represents fun with music’s societal forms more than a hardline ideological perspective, and fits mostly in line with the truly committed aspect of the Cy Dune music again and again to Energy Music and its positive impact on humanity."

Check out "Against Face" as well as the album art and title track below.

cy dune_against face album cover

Against Face tracklist:
01 - Don’t Waste My Time
02 - Against Face
03 - Disorientation (Cut Up)
04 - AAAA
05 - Precedent
05 - Any More
07 - Gone To My Head
08 - Blast Beat
09 - 111000
10 - Steal Your Face

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