As mentioned, one-person cybergrind band Blind Equation are releasing their new album LIFE IS PAIN on September 3. We recently posted a few songs from it, and we're now premiering opening track "Lcd Dem" and its video. "The song is titled after a Yume Nikki fangame that I’ve had a fascination with while writing the album," James tells us. It pairs glittery chiptune synths with throat-shredding, emotive metalcore, and James makes these two polar opposites sound like they were meant to be together. It's in the lineage of classic bands like HORSE the Band and Genghis Tron, but Blind Equation (and many of the other newer cybergrind acts) take a very modern approach that isn't overly indebted to older influences. In an era where hyperpop is huge and metalcore is making a big comeback, music like Blind Equation fits right in.

Watch the video and stream the previous singles below...


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