D.O.G. is a new band with current and former members of Bad Luck, Moodring, and Culture Killer, and in their own words, they "write socially aware, punk length, metalcore songs." They released their debut EP Mental Destroyer last year, and now they're gearing up to release their second EP, ANTI, in September via Smartpunk Records (pre-order). Here's what vocalist Dom says about it:

In early 2020, our professional touring lives came to a confusing halt and (like everyone else) we had to go home and stay inside. Being a band that’s spread out along the east coast (NYC + FL), we saw different versions of the same fucked up story playing out with the COVID-19 pandemic, which was really just starting--social and political injustices more than constantly occurring, and civil unrest and disobedience (righteously and not) making headlines every day. We were doing what we had to do in terms of jobs to get by, actively protesting and resisting to the now-former-clown-shoe regime, and working on music. So in April 2020 we dropped our first EP, Mental Destroyer.

A few months later, in the middle of the summer, we were understandably still--but way, way, way more--pissed off about a lot of the same shit that had unimaginably gotten worse in specific terms of blatant brutality and even murder of innocent civilians by police and encouragement of systemic racist values by government and law enforcement officials. That combined with having been “stuck inside” since early March had our inspiration to be creative with D.O.G. at an all time high. With the first EP, we didn’t fully know what the band was yet outside of exploring parts of the metalcore genre. With ANTI, we knew what we wanted to say and how we wanted to sound while saying it. This band is made up of other full time bands that we actively contribute to but the energy and spirit we had from the shit show that was 2020 could only be channeled into something as loud and fast and heavy and angry as D.O.G.

With all that context given and especially because the lyrics are written and there to be read/interpreted, I don’t want to over explain them. But these records are meant to be an effective middle finger that serve as a soundtrack to protests, riots, and any/all social and civil unrest driven by the intention of change in mind."

The EP's first single is "Ignorant," and you can definitely hear all of that coming through in this song, an under-two-minute rager that does not mince words as it discusses police brutality and the violence and murder of people of color at the hands of police officers. The song comes with a video of dimly lit performance footage, which premieres right here:


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