This year, industrial rap duo Dälek released a new LP, Precipice, and celebrated the 20th anniversary of their sophomore album, From Filthy Tongue of Gods and Griots. The Newark, NJ-based pair have now shared a list of their favorite releases of 2022, with picks from billy woods, ELUCID, King Garbage, Moor Mother, Hannah Jadagu, and more. Read on for the list, in no particular order.

Dälek's Favorite Albums of 2022

billy woods - Aethiopes

billy woods paints abstract pictures with his powerful words. Loving the production coming out of Brooklyn’s Backwoodz Studios. Aethiopes is an exercise in minimalism, crafted gorgeously.

Fatboi Sharif - Preaching in Havana

Sharif excites me about the future of experimental Hip Hop, with his wordplay, sonic textures, and fearlessness. Always pushing the boundaries.

King Garbage - Heavy Metal Greasy Love

Easily one of my favorite AOTY and not because we are labelmates. Soulful, deep, and endlessly musically interesting. R&B in the tradition of Motown but futuristic all at the same time. This is like some North Cackalacka/D’Angelo shit. I was blown away when Patton played this for me.

Black Thought & Dangermouse - Cheat Codes

Hands down one of the best MCs of all time. Black Thought is just getting better with age and with every release. His control lyrically and stylistically shine on Dangermouse’s soulful production.

ELUCID - I Told Bessie

Not to be outdone by his Armand Hammer partner, billy woods, ELUCID delivered an absolute gem. I Told Bessie showcases his impeccable rhyme styles and lyricism. Production is almost meditative. You can get lost in this album. Again, what Backwoodz Studios is releasing is so dope. Have to give love to Willie Green, who is mixing and mastering these joints.

Young Prizms - Drifter

Beautifully crafted Shoegaze. I stumbled upon this album on 89.1 WFDU. Honeydew is a hauntingly catchy song. The whole album lets you just melt into it. Amazing band. I hope there is more from them soon.

Moor Mother - Jazz Codes

Another amazing artist, in the truest sense of the word artist. Moor Mother is breaking down concepts of genre and what can be done on wax. A true poet. Jazz Codes is Jazz is Hip Hop is experimental is truth.

Ka - Languishing Arts/Woeful Studies

The minimalist style of hip hop with no or minimal drums, dope bars over obscure soul loops was invented by cats like KA and Roc Marciano. A lot of heads do this style now, but to me, none are better than the originators. KA is masterful, honestly one of my favorite MCs of all time at this point. The bars are so perfectly crafted. The content, the stories he paints, are awe inspiring. As an MC I live to hear joints like this. Two albums of wisdom.

Jimetta Rose - Around the Way Queen

Houseshoes’ Street Corner Music has constantly been releasing amazing music. Jimetta Rose is no exception. A collection of soulful vocals in the vein of Erykah Badu over what I can best describe as ‘Detroit Hip Hop’, produced by various SCM artists, and released in Los Angeles. The vibe of this record on point.

Hannah Jadagu - "Say It Now"

This is just a single but it warrants a spot on my list. I’ve been obsessed with this new artist's music. So catchy and good. Guitar driven Indie-pop from Sub Pop from a 19 year old from Texas. Peep the previously released EP and singles. Her early release was done on an iPhone 7 and GarageBand! I can’t wait to see what Hannah does next!

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