Not only did a new Riley Gale Library open at the Dallas Hope Center, the LGBTQ youth based homeless shelter that the late Power Trip frontman was a strong supporter of, but Dallas Hope Charities has purchased a new home for displaced LGBTQ youth and it will be named in Riley's honor. Via press release:

As Homeless Youth Awareness Month begins, Dallas Hope Charities (DHC) is proud to announce the purchase of their new residence for Dallas Hope Center’s transitional home for LGBTQ young people in Dallas.

“We are so grateful for all the donors and supporters that have made it possible for us to own our residence and expand our ability to give peace and dignity to our city’s youth that need support and encouragement to live their authentic and independent life”, said CEO Evie Scrivner.

Dallas Hope Center opened its doors in 2018 after recognizing the city’s big gap of beds available for our LGBTQ youth. To date, Dallas Hope Center has provided shelter and support for 14 of our city’s youth - giving them pride of who they are and the stability to stand on their own.

Mary, a Dallas Hope Center resident explained, “DHC has changed my life in ways I can’t even explain…not only from figuring out where my next meal is coming from but actually helping me become a better person and loving my own skin”. Mya, another resident said, ““Dallas Hope Center makes me feel safe and secure instead of hate and judgement”.

Dallas Observer reports that a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new residence will be held December 1.

Power Trip guitarist Blake Ibanez told Dallas Observer, "I definitely think that this is what [Riley] would have wanted. It’s a couple of great ways to memorialize him."

"I think he saw that as a big benefit to who he was, was being able to create things like that," Blake continued. "Not everybody can just be a part of something — whether it’s a band or whatever — and be able to raise money on a dime for people that need it, those groups of people that need that type of help."

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