We mentioned back in April that psychedelic sludge vets Kylesa were heading on "indefinite hiatus." That seems to mean that the members will have time for other projects, and among those is the old, pre-Kylesa band of guitarist Phillip Cope, Damad. Those guys, who haven't released new music since 2000, are back, activated a Facebook page and showed up on the bill for the Southern California metal fest Midnite Communion, which happens on November 11-13. No word yet on other shows or new material, but that fest finds them joining up with bands like Cough, Minsk, SubRosa, Hell, Fistula and many more.

Listen to Damad's Burning Cold, and check out the full lineup for Midnite Communion, below.

Midnite Communion — 2016 Lineup
COUGH, Minsk, SubRosa, Damad, Fistula, HELL, Haggatha, Fister, 16, INVDRS, Destroy Judas, Keeper, Behold! The Monolith, Funerary, Trapped Within Burning Machinery, Deathkings, Aseethe, Un, Communion, TEETH and Cloven.

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