Dam-Funk @ American Museum of Natural History (more by Rod Mickens)
Dam Funk

LA Times: How did you end up hooking up with Animal Collective to remix "Summertime Clothes?"

Dam-Funk: Animal Collective's manager reached out to me because the group wanted to collaborate with me. I dug their material and we agreed to do something. I studied their song, I didn't just chop it up and put effects on it -- I studied it hard, and shaped it around the vocal to take them to the dance floor, but still have something that you could ride around with your girl and listen to. I understood that the band's fans are sensitive to the source material. It's like Prince -- if someone remixed Prince back in the day, I would've been waiting with baited breath.

I was pleased that the majority of people seemed to like it. When I saw Animal Collective at the Troubadour, one of them told me that he couldn't stop listening to it on repeat, and that meant a lot to me. I really respect those dudes and wanted to get down with them. For lack of a better description, they sort of remind me of Talking Heads, how they were into expanding their sound and collaborating with George Clinton. I love that aspect of collaborating with different types of artists. Nite Jewel has become a good buddy of mine, because we like those same type of chords. No matter what type of genre, if it's beautiful music, that's what we'll lean towards.

That Dam-Funk Animal Collective remix is posted above. The L.A. DJ, whose named is pronounced "Dame," (short for his real name Damon) will open for AC at both of their Prospect Park shows on August 14th and 15th. It's unclear exactly whether these shows should be classified as "DJ", or "live", or a mix of both, but a show Dam played in an LA museum earlier this month definitely leaned toward the live side of things, as you can see in the two videos below.

The LA museum show is not to be confused with the NYC museum show, which took place in May.

The Stones Throw DJ also spins (I think) at the My Favorite Things party this Tuesday, June 23rd at APT. Other DJs on the bill include Dirk Rumpff, Tyler Askew and Big Bang.

Dam will also be at the Cubic Zirconia record release party at Santos on Thursday, July 2nd. He'll be spinning (definitely a DJ set this time) with DJ Assault, Kool Hersh and Mike 2600. Live sets that night include Cubic Zirconia, Head Automatica and Chico Mann. Advance tickets for that night are on sale (poster below).

Dam-Funk's debut LP, Toeachizown, will be seeing a late summer/early fall release on Stones Throw Records. The DJ discusses his new record, with a preview video for it, some other videos with all dates, below...

Dam Funk

LA Times: How does "Toeachizown" differ from the 12 inches and remixes that you've previously put out?

Dam: It's my official debut full length and it's been delayed a bit because I can't stop recording new tracks. I'm trying to get it out before the summer is over. It's a modern funk project; boogie is what I spin out at the clubs. I'm not into doing boogie revival, I'm not trying to re-create old sounds, I consider it modern funk. There will be instrumentals, no samples, stuff with vocals, concept songs, some songs longer than 10 minutes. That's why it's called "Toeachizown" -- you're allowed to do whatever you want to do.

Right now, I'm focusing really hard on the album, playing my DJ gigs and doing the occasional remix. I really want to start doing movie scores, especially a horror movie. I've got a lot of ideas in my head about what sort of stuff I could do with it.

Dam-Funk - Toeachizown

Dâm-Funk with Master Blazter LIVE part 1

Dâm-Funk with Master Blazter LIVE part 2

Dam Funk - 2009 Tour Dates
Jun 23: NYC @ APT
Jul 02: NYC @ Santos Party House
Jul 14: San Diego @ Voyeur
Jul 23: Glasgow @ The Roadhouse
Jul 24: Manchester UK @ Stereo
Jul 31: San Francisco @ 111 Minna
Aug 14: Brooklyn @ Prospect Park Bandshell #
Aug 15: Brooklyn @ Prospect Park Bandshell #
# w/ Animal Collective

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