Philly duo Damn Right, whose 2014 single "Halo" was notably featured on Broad City, are releasing their fourth album, Zeitgeist, in December. It was produced and mixed by Jesse Miller of Lotus, who also plays bass on the album, and there's guest guitar work by Wes Schwartz of Rhymesayers group Grimace Federation. Talking about the duo, Jesse Miller said they "have a great sense of space and texture in their music. They'll use quirky hooks that can remind me of the Flaming Lips but through a hazy Boards of Canada filter. It can inspire nostalgic feelings like some mysterious found polaroid." We're premiering the album's first single "Our Love Is Blue," which is a nice dose of electronic pop with a lightly psychedelic edge. Listen below.

Speaking of Jesse Miller, he just played Brooklyn Comes Alive this past weekend with his band Octave Cat, and he'll play NYC again when Lotus' tour hits Brooklyn Bowl in November.

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