Fresh Pepper are the gastronomically inclined Canadian duo of singer-songwriter and visual artist Andre Ethier (The Deadly Snakes) and in-demand saxophonist Joseph Shabason. Inspired in part by their experiences working in restaurants, their self-titled debut -- with song titles including "Prep Cook in the Weed," "New Ways to Chop Onions" and "Congee Around Me" -- is out this week via Telephone Explosion, and features contributions from Robin Dann and Felicity Williams, who have played with The Weather Station and Beverly Glenn-Copeland.

Andre and Joseph have just shared one of the album's highlights, "Seahorse Tranquilizer," which has Andre trading verses with Destroyer's Dan Bejar. They have contrasting but complimentary voices, which fits the song's dreamy atmosphere. Joseph played sax on most of Destroyer's 2010s albums -- he's a huge part of Kaputt's sound, in particular -- and that magic is here too.

Listen to"Seahorse Tranquilizer," and a few other tracks from the Fresh Pepper album, below.


Fresh Pepper:
1. New Ways Of Chopping Onions
2. Walkin’
3. Prep Cook in the Weeds
4. Waiting
5. Seahorse Tranquilizer (ft. Dan Bejar)
6. Dishpit
7. Congee Around Me
8. The Worm

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