Rogue Wave headed further into synthpop territory on this year's Delusions of Grand Fur. Now, the record's lead single, "What is Left To Solve," has been taken into Dan Deacon territory. Says Zach Rogue:

If there was any song on the new LP that I was the most excited to hear remixed, it was "What is Left to Solve." The song has so much space, I knew it could move in another direction in other hands. Dan seemed like just the person to reimagine the song, since his creativity seems to know no bounds. At first, the mix sounds like he threw it into a washing machine on spin cycle. Total chaos. And then the song shifts into this new song that is just tonally really different. It's like this beautiful exploding flower.

How did Dan create this beautiful exploding flower? Says Dan:

After trying some synths and drum machines, I had a lot of fun chopping up to the vocals in to various sequences before chopping up the rest of the stems. I tried to keep a similar song form to the original. I didn't add any sounds. Everything is an chopped or otherwise altered version of the original audio.

The Dan Deacon remix of "What is Left to Solve?" premiere in this post. Listen:

You can compare and contrast with the original Rogue Wave version, and all of Delusions of Grand Fur, below. We heard Rogue Wave might have something else out before the end of the year. Stay tuned.


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