Dan Horne -- who plays in the late Neal Casal's band Circles Around the Sun, in Cass McCombs' band, and more -- will release his first solo EP, The Motorcycle Song, on Bandcamp this Friday (10/2) for Bandcamp's monthly fundraiser. The title track is a cover of the penultimate song on Arlo Guthrie's 1967 classic Alice's Restaurant, and we're premiering that cover along with its music video. Dan tells us:

I’ve been playing this Arlo Guthrie song for a while and had it all mapped out in my head, so it was an easy fun way to start working on a solo record, and why I called the sessions ‘The Motorcycle Song EP.' To me it’s a song about escaping the absurdity of reality. I love pickles, don’t have a motorcycle, but put it all together and it makes so much sense. The video is a ride through LA. The timeless pastime of just going to the beach for no reason other than to escape reason. I love movies set in the LA streets like Repo Man, Up in Smoke, Menace to Society, and this is a quick and easy nod to that vibe.

Stay tuned for the full EP to hit Bandcamp on Friday (and streaming services on 11/20), and meanwhile watch the new video right here:


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