New England's Perennial will follow their 2017 debut album The Symmetry of Autumn Leaves (and their 2019 EP Food For Hornets EP) with their second full-length, In The Midnight Hour, on January 1 (pre-order). The new album was co-produced with TWIABP's Chris Teti, and lead singles "Tooth Plus Claw" and "Perennial In A Haunted House" sound like a noticeable step-up from anything this band has done yet.

Fueled by the shout-sung dual vocals of Chelsey Hahn and Chad Jewett, these songs hearken right back to the early days of bands like Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Hot Hot Heat, and Death From Above 1979, in a way that also nods at forebears like Nation of Ulysses. Even the album art captures that vibe, but this doesn't feel like a retro/worship band. It's some of the most refreshing stuff in this vein that I've heard in a minute. Check out both new songs below.

1. The Skeleton Dance
2. In The Midnight Hour
3. Soliloquy For Neil Perry
4. Lauren Bacall In Blue
5. Food For Hornets
6. Hey Eurydice
7. Tooth Plus Claw
8. Melody For A New Cornet
9. Hour Of The Wolf
10. Perennial In A Haunted House
11. I Am The Whooping Crane
12. Absolver

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