UPDATE: Los Angeles Times reports that the person who accused Rubeck, "in a now-deleted Instagram post on the account Creeps in the Scene, said that they were mistaken about who attacked them: 'It was not Jacob who was assaulting me... I don’t want to ‘cancel’ someone who doesn’t deserve it. In light of this new information, I would like to retract my statement.'"

It's been two weeks since Burger Records shut down following allegations of sexual misconduct against associated bands and employees, and reverberations continue through the garage, psych, and punk scenes in response. Now Los Angeles label Danger Collective Records has made a statement on Instagram, saying they'll no longer be working with Nick Rattigan and Jacob Rubeck of Surf Curse, Current Joys, and Gap Girls. "We will provide more details in the coming days," they write. "Thank you for your patience through this sensitive time."

Rattigan and Rubeck made statements of their own on the Instagram accounts of all three bands. "We would like to address the upsetting events of the past week," they write. "Here are both of our statements." Both describe allegations of harassment and "a heinous crime against another human being" made in an anonymous Instagram against them, that have since been deleted. They both deny the allegations and say that they made no legal threats against the anonymous account to have it taken down.

Rubeck's Statement:

First I would like to say thank you for your patience and apologize for the wait. This whole situation has been a lot and I would like to be transparent. An Instagram account that has since been deleted, posting an anonymous message accusing me of a heinous crime against another human being. I wanted to voice my truth, to explain that this event never happened, and I could never do anything like that. There hasn't been a moment in my life that even comes close to what was described in that post. The page also posted false claims against my friend and bandmate, Nick Rattigan, who I love and stand with.

On Saturday the person who made the claim, whose identity I don't know and whose privacy I want to respect, voluntarily retracted their statement against me and cleared my name. Shortly after that the account deleted itself and I want to make it clear we never made any threats to the page, legal or otherwise.

As much as this hurts me, it's awful because I never want to silence anyone's voice and not allow them to share their stories. To the people who have shared their experiences, I admire your bravery and send my love to you. It's tragic that anyone has to experience that trauma and pine. You are not alone and you are surrounded by love.

Having been involved in a number of music scenes over the years, I always try to apply the dialogue and tools I've learned in order to build safe spaces both on and off the stage. Surf Curse lives by the philosophies taught to us by the women in our lives, they guide us as both men and artists. We strive to create a safe space at our shows and give the audience the respect that they deserve. We understand our responsibility and we take it seriously.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, this LA Hair Metal "Decline of Western Civilization Part 2" philosophy and lifestyle needs to end.

I am confident that when we educate ourselves and work together, then we're on the path for safety, transparency, and most of all healing.

Let's Protect People's Voices.
Let's Protect People's Space.
Let's Protect People's Bodies.
Let's Protect People's Hearts.

All we have is each other.

Thank you to the people who reached out to me. It means the world and you know who you are. I send my love to everyone during these tough times.

Rattigan's Statement:

I need to address the two allegations that were made against me a few days ago about harassing fans at my shows. First and foremost, I believe the conversation about harassment is vital to this community and it devastates me to be put in this position -- but the fact is these allegations are simply untrue.

I've taken the time to evaluate this situation carefully. I want to respond thoughtfully, and not react impulsively. My priority is not to diminish or invalidate the pain of other survivors.

The allegations have been removed, and the account itself has since been deleted. However, these posts continue to be shared and believed as truth. I would like to make it clear we did not ask for the account to be closed not did we threaten then, legally or otherwise.

There is no part of my personal character that would ever do anything along these lines, to my fans or anyone else.

I'm aware of my influence and position as a man in this time, in this world, and especially in this community. And because of this I am constantly learning and listening and I take that responsibility with my whole heart and understanding.

I have been playing shows for almost half of my life and while I have seen great beauty -- I have also witnessed and experienced the darkness that's buried deep within our music community. I hope my situation does not distract us from having these hard conversations, nor discourage those who are shining light on these dark corners. Both to create a safer community and ultimately, to heal.

I owe everything to my fans and would never take advantage of their trust in me. I am eternally grateful for you all and I would never abuse that power and privilege.

Surf Curse were not on Burger Records, but they played a couple of their SXSW parties in 2017. The previous year they appeared on the lineup for The Growlers' Beach Goth fest.

The Growlers' co-founder Matt Taylor has temporarily left the band following sexual misconduct allegations made against him, and lead singer and co-founder Brooks Nielsen issued an apology after Starcrawlers' Arrow De Wilde accused band members of misconduct.

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