Back in 2006, Shimmy-Disc released I Killed The Monster: The Songs of Daniel Johnston, a two-CD tribute featuring covers of Daniel Johnston songs by Danielson & Sufjan Stevens, Dot Allison, Kimya Dawson, Mike Watt, Jeffrey Lewis, Jad Fair, Shimmy-Disc's Kramer, and more. It's been out of print since then and has never been on streaming services, but Shimmy-Disc is reissuing the album February 10, giving it its first-ever vinyl pressing.

Only the first disc is getting a vinyl pressing, with the second disc's 10 tracks, by Joy Zipper, Toby Goodshank, and more, as digital bonus tracks. You can watch the new video for Danielson & Sufjan Stevens' cover of "Worried Shoes" from it, and check out the full tracklist, below.

attachment-I Killed The Monster- The Songs of Daniel Johnston

I Killed The Monster: The Songs of Daniel Johnston tracklist:

Disc 1, Vinyl Version & Cassette Side A

01. Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Your Grievances (Dot Allison)
02. Worried Shoes (Danielson & Sufjan Stevens)
03. Bloody Rainbow (Kramer)
04. Cathy Cline (R. Stevie Moore)
05. Follow That Dream (Kimya Dawson)
06. Honey I Sure Miss You (Lumberob)
07. True Love Will Find You In The End (Jad Fair & Kramer)
08. Blue Skies Will Haunt You From Now On (The Electric Ghosts)
09. The Adventures of God as A Young Boy (Jeffrey Lewis)
10. Walking the Cow (Mike Watt)
11. It's Over (Tess)

Disc 2, Vinyl "Digital" Bonus Tracks & Cassette Side B

01. Held The Hand (Joy Zipper)
02. Tears Stupid Tears (Rope, Inc.)
03. Going Down (Chris Hadford)
04. Rowboat (Mad Francis)
05. Mind Contorted (Major Matt Mason)
06. Now (Toby Goodshank)
07. Go Fast And Go Some More (The Dick Panthers)
08. Foxy Girl (The Sutcliffe's)
09. Cosmic Kid (Kickstand)
10. Love Wheel (Emily Zuzik)

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