Electric Jesus is a new comedy film centered around a fictitious Christian rock/metal band in the '80s called 316. Here's the synopsis: "It’s the summer of 1986, and teenage Erik’s dream comes true when he’s asked to run sound for his favorite Christian hair metal band, 316. A spunky preacher's daughter complicates the band's plans as they begin their tour, but together they set out to 'make Jesus famous.'"

The film features Judd Nelson (The Breakfast Club) and Brian Baumgartner (The Office), with newcomers Andrew Eakle as Erik and Shannon Hutchinson as the preachers daughter.

The music of 316, and the music of their black metal rivals Satan's Clutch and Bloody Mass, is central to the film, and to bring it to life director White brought in Daniel Smith of Danielson, whose spirituality has always been a part of their sound. (Smith's father is a well known Christian music songwriter.) "My personal journey is a spiritual one, a mystical one, where I'm chasing after something I believe exists in the unseen world," Smith says. "But I've always said we're not a Christian band. A lot of times it's at the heart of my creative process, but it's certainly not anything I'm selling."

For the soundtrack and score, Smith drew from '80s hair metal groups like Ratt, Poison, Twisted Sister, and Mötley Crüe. Smith wrote the music, while writer/director White wrote the lyrics, and songs include spot-on era creations "Commando for Christ," "Girl (I Love Jesus Too)," and "Barabas," all of which you can watch videos for below.

The Electric Jesus soundtrack also features four new Danielson songs, as well as one song from Steve Taylor & the Danielson Foil, an instrumental score by Smith's "Familyre Friends," and the songs by 316's rivals Satan's Clutch and Bloody Mass. It's out February 26 via Joyful Noise and you can preorder it now, including a limited edition version on splatter vinyl that comes with a signed 316 promo photo:


As for the film itself, Electric Jesus has been showing at virtual film festivals and will hopefully be available for everyone to watch soon. You can watch the trailer below.

Electric Jesus original soundtrack:
316 - "Commando For Christ"
Danielson - "You Can Fly"
Familyre Friends - "Vacation Bible Bop"
Bloody Mass - "Love"
Danielson - "Passing Through the Wall of Flame"
316 - "Barabbas"
Danielson - "Heavenly Metal"
Familyre Friends - "Do the Barabbas!"
Soul Exhumation - "Beat You Off"
Familyre Friends - "Arcade Reigns"
316 - "Love Comes Down"
316 - "Girl (I Love Jesus Too)"
Sarah Wember & 316 - "This World Is Not My Home"
Familyre Friends - "Have You Ever Had a Girlfriend?"
Satan's Clutch - "All Hail Hell"
Joy Explosion - "We Just"
Steve Taylor & the Danielson Foil - "Ecstatic Delight"
Danielson - "Come And Save Me"
316 - "Makes Me Wanna Sing"
Familyre Friends - "We All Went Commando"
Fleming & John - "Don't Toss Us Away"

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