Danish band Sleep Party People will release their fourth album Lingering, on June 2 via Joyful Noise Recordings. The record was made entirely by main man Brian Batz, and features collaborations with The Antlers’ Peter Silberman and Air vocalist Beth Hirsch. The new single for the album is the anthemic, widescreen "The Missing Steps" which comes with a rather gorgeous video. Director Christina Amundsen tells us about it:

I wanted to create a melancholic love story of two people becoming part of a mountain and growing together with nature in a parallel world. I was inspired by the Mount Olympus from greek mythology and the old greek gods but most parts of the idea was actually based on my newly found fascination of cryopreservation. People preserving their bodies in case technology in the future is developed enough to bring people back to life. I wanted to use that idea together with the ‘love story’ -two people becoming stones and persevering their bodies together in a mountain in case they could be brought back together. The ultimate love. The video shows humans as nature and gods.

I co-directed the video with the animation director Adam Ryde Ankarfeldt who is the creator behind the beautiful digital mountains with infinite triangles and together with editor Sara Bøgh we worked to merge the digital layer together with the ‘human’ layers and merging them in a way the two people would become a part of the mountains but the mountains also would become a part of their bodies. The song is a love song and the dreamy phrases from the the text ‘ somewhere in a dream’ could also tell us the characters ‘journey’ could be an inner journey. It was important to embrace the mood in the song and to make it slow and dreamy and to have the digital look but also to have and organic feeling with the closeups of human bodies and skin which are created together with cinematographer Christian Houge Laursen.

The video premieres in this post, and you can watch that, and check out the album artwork and tracklist, below.



Sleep Party People - Lingering tracklist
1. Figures
2. The Missing Steps
3. Fainting Spell
4. Salix And His Soil
5. Lingering Eyes
6. Dissensions (Feat. Luster)
7. Limitations
8. The Sound Of His Daughter
9. The Sun Will Open Its Core
10. We Are There Together (Feat. Beth Hirsch)
11. Odd Forms
12. Vivid Dream

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