Two screamy Danish bands, Regarding Ambiguity and Demersal, have just released a killer new split EP on Zegema Beach/Tomb Tree Tapes (order yours). Speaking to Idioteq about the split, Regarding Ambiguity said:

”Noose” is somewhat an atypical RA song. Very punchy and in your face with a combined emo mid section. It almost resembles a mix of our two biggest influences in Converge and Touché Amoré. Apart from that it’s the one song that we’ve spent the most time learning to play, as the main riffs are harder than what we’ve written in the past.

For “Pugilist“, we’ve actually recorded this song before. It was featured on a split with Disillusionist. However we were quite unhappy with how it turned out after being mixed and mastered. The song itself was written by our previous vocalist Jakob Høy. As I recall, it was heavily influenced by Loma Prieta. Especially the song “Fly By Night”, that’s also one of our favorite Loma songs.

Talking about their half, Demersal added:

“Parasitic love affairs” and “It’s an awful walk towards you” are both touching upon concrete subjects; dealing with desperation and anger in abusive relationships, and more intangible feelings experienced when confronting a world in decay. Both songs explore different emotional states and points of view of a person caught in a downward spiral.

The bands that Regarding Ambiguity namedropped should give you a pretty good idea of what to expect from their half. "Noose," which they said was influenced by Touche Amore and Converge, is basically a mix of mathcore and emotive post-hardcore, while the Loma Prieta-inspired "Pugilist" goes in a classic screamo direction. Demersal's half is a little more in the early 2000s metalcore realm of stuff like Norma Jean, Eighteen Visions, etc, and it makes for a very cool contrast with what RA are doing. Both bands put a fresh spin on their respective influences; hear it for yourself below.


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