Danny Elfman released Big Mess in 2020, and this year he's been collaborating with a disparate group of artists on remixing and reworking the album's tracks. The latest of those is a remix of "Serious Ground" by Xiu Xiu. The original is one of the more orchestral, less caustic tracks on Big Mess, and Xiu Xiu's Jamie Stewart takes it into dubbier, darker, more atmospheric territory.

“I was introduced to Xiu Xiu by Stu Brooks, who kickstarted and co-curated the remix concept for Big Mess,” says Elfman. “They have a fresh, progressive sound that I thought would make for a great collaboration. Expecting the unexpected is the most fun part of this whole project so I was really curious and excited to see what direction they’d go in. I’m very happy to have them be a part of the Big Mess project.” You can listen to that below.

There have also been Big Mess remixes and collaborations with Trent Reznor, Squarepusher and Death Grips, with more to come.

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