Danzig recently announced that he'd be throwing his own festival (with camping) this year. It's called Blackest of the Black, and it goes down on May 26 & 27 at Oak Canyon Park in Silverado, CA with Danzig headlining day two of the festival.

The whole lineup has now been announced, and it includes Ministry, Suicidal Tendencies, Corrosion of Conformity, Marduk, Venom Inc, Belphegor, Discharge, Ghoul, and more. Full lineup below.

In addition to music, the fest will have "Castle Danzig" -- "a fully immersive walkthrough experience of pain, pleasure, and metal, based on the music and graphic novels of Glenn Danzig." Here's more:

Based on the music and graphic novels from Glenn Danzig, fans will get to fully experience being placed in stocks, torture on the rack, and some light electrocution. Just past the tree graveyard, Torture Countess Drukija will guide attendees though their first virgin sacrifice before relaxing into a nice warm blood bath. The worlds foremost suspension artist will be hanging only the most daring fans from hooks, and suspending them up to 20ft in the air. And if the fans are feeling crazy, like really crazy, they will have the opportunity to wriggle into a straight jacket and chill out in the padded cell, where their friends can watch them freak out on video. Castle Danzig is the perfect place to get a little blood on your clothes, and get that selfie only a sicko would like.

There's also the Suspension Stage: "An experience you will never forget, as our Castle Suspension Master will really pierce your back with metal hooks and raise you above the mob with suspension rope. They say its euphoric."

There's the Sacrifice Altar: "Castle Danzig runs on virgin blood. Every hour Drukija will preform the task on our beautiful sacrifice alter. You will be provided with a white cloak as the ritual music comes in and the lights go down, don’t look at the knife above you. Sorry fellas ladies only. This is a bloody one, you may have to sacrifice your clothes as well."

The Bondage Stage: "Exercise restraint with a few yards of rope and a saw horse. Our Shinbari Knot Master will provide you with an uncomfortable position you won't be able to wriggle out of."

The Padded Cell: "Going crazy? Well then slip into a straight jacket and chill out in the padded cell. Your friends can watch you lose your mind on CCTV as you get to experience being locked down. Escape if you can..."

The Electro Stage: "Have you been completely desensitized living a life of metal and horror movies? We'll shock you alright with 10,000 volts of lightning as your strapped to a torture cross. We're sure it's fun..."

The Drukija Blood Bath: "Witness one of Danzig’s most iconic characters come to life in the Drukija Slave Theater. She will guide you through her castle of terrors. Prepare to be baptized by her virgin offerings."

Plus there's an oversized ouija board game ("If you dare.. Gather around the oversized ouija board and the truth will be told"), thrill rides, Lucha Underground wrestling, a comic con area, and more.

Update: Lucha Underground are not participating in the festival.

Tickets and even more info at BlackestFest.com.

Danzig's new album Black Laden Crown will be out this year on Evilive Records/Nuclear Blast Entertainment.


Blackest of the Black -- 2017 Lineup
Suicidal Tendencies
Corrosion Of Conformity
Suicide Silence
Venom Inc.
Fear Factory
Butcher Babies

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