Moving on from the '70s European horror that inspired his 2019 film Verotika, Glenn Danzig's next cinematic outing takes cues from Spaghetti Westerns and classic vampire films. Death Rider in the House of Vampires doesn't have a release date yet, but you can watch its trailer below, via The Wrap.

"Everybody in the movie is a vampire," Danzig told Los Angeles audiences in 2019. "So, you won’t have to wait around to see the vampire. They’re all fucking vampires!" That includes Danzig himself, who appears in a supporting role as "Bad Bathory," along with directing, writing, executive producing, and scoring the film.

Also appearing are Devon Sawa (The Death Rider), Julian Sands (Count Holliday), Kim Director (Carmilla Joe), horror director Eli Roth (Drac Cassidy), Ashley Wisdom (Mina Belle), Victor DiMattia (Kid Vlad), and Danny Trejo (Bela Latigo).

As for the plot, The Wrap say, "Death Rider in the House of Vampires follows the Death Rider, who travels to the desert Vampire Sanctuary, ruled by Count Holliday. The price of admission... one untouched virgin."

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