Misfits I wonder if Danzig sold more tickets than usual last tour due to the addition of Doyle and their 30 minute Misfits reunion set. Not only is Danzig squashing rumors that the last tour would be his last, he's bringing Doyle on the road with him again for ANOTHER tour featuring the Misfits reunion set. I'M NOT COMPLAINING. Chimaira, Behemoth, Himsa, Mortiis, and The Agony Scene will open the shows which means this time I'll try and get there early. (click for must-see picture of Mortiis)

QUICK HISTORY LESSON: The ORIGINAL Misfits ('80-'83 lineup) were Glenn Danzig (vocals), Doyle, Jerry Only, and various drummers. The CURRENT Misfits (who play all the time everywhere) are Jerry Only and a rotating cast of characters. Do not confuse the current Misfits with the Misfits reunion featuring Danzig and Doyle. They different.