Before he released Danzig Sings Elvis in 2020, Danzig covered Elvis Presley's "Let Yourself Go," and some more of his favorite classic tracks by Black Sabbath, Aerosmith, ZZ Top, The Young Rascals, The Everly Brothers, The Troggs, Paul Pibier, and Davie Allan & The Arrows for his 2015 album Skeletons. "These are my skeletons," he said of the collection. "You may or may not know that I dig these songs. You could say that some of this music is the actual basis and skeleton of what I listened to growing up—ultimately informing the kind of music I like. It’s the foundation. If you took Elvis and Sabbath out of my life, I probably wouldn’t be the Glenn Danzig you know! I’m glad both sides are represented on this record."

We've teamed up with Danzig and Nuclear Blast Records for an exclusive new pressing of Skeletons, on baby blue vinyl and limited to 300 copies. It's available for pre-order now, along with more Danzig and Misfits vinyl, toys, and books, in the BV store.

Here's a mock-up of the vinyl:

Danzig - Skeletons vinyl

1. "Devil's Angels" Davie Allan & The Arrows
2. "Satan" Paul Wibier
3. "Let Yourself Go" Elvis Presley
4. "N.I.B." Black Sabbath
5. "Lord of the Thighs" Aerosmith
6. "Action Woman" The Litter
7. "Rough Boy" ZZ Top
8. "With a Girl Like You" The Troggs
9. "Find Somebody" The Young Rascals
10. "Crying in the Rain" The Everly Brothers

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