It's an eventful week for Danzig fans. On Saturday, he played Psycho Las Vegas, where he performed Danzig II: Lucifuge in full. A number of those songs -- "Girl," "I'm the One," "777," and "Pain in the World" -- hadn't been played live since the '90s, while "Devil's Plaything" and "Killer Wolf" hadn't been aired out since the early 2010s. After the Lucifuge set, Danzig played a handful of cuts from the rest of their catalog, including "Twist of Cain," "Do You Wear the Mark," "Dirty Black Summer," "Bringer of Death" and, of course, "Mother." Check out the setlist and video of "Killer Wolf" from Danzig's Psycho performance below.

Meanwhile, Death Rider in the House of Vampires, Glenn Danzig's new vampire western that he wrote, directed and stars in alongside Devon Sawa, Kim Director, Danny Trejo, Julian Sands, Eli Roth, and more, is out in theaters on Friday (8/27). It's his follow-up to his 2019 feature debut, Verotika, and the words "Vampire Western" and "Danzig" are probably all you need to know as to whether you want to see it, but here's the synopsis: "A mysterious 'Death Rider' travels thru the desert on horseback. His destination is a Vampire Sanctuary. Once inside he encounters Count Holliday, the Vampire Lord of Sanctuary, who warns him against any transgressions. Blood and guns action follow as Death Rider tangles with some of the Vampires of Sanctuary."

You can watch the Death Rider in the House of Vampires trailer and check out the movie poster below.

In other news, Misfits have replaced My Chemical Romance on the Aftershock 2021 lineup, and they'll perform Walk Among Us in full at Riot Fest 2022.

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SETLIST: Danzig @ Psycho Las Vegas 8/21 (via)
Long Way Back From Hell
Snakes of Christ
Killer Wolf (First live performance since 2014)
Tired of Being Alive
I'm the One (First live performance since 1991)
Her Black Wings
Devil's Plaything (First live performance since 2013)
777 (First live performance since 1993)
Blood and Tears
Girl (First live performance since 1990)
Pain in the World (First live performance since 1994)
Twist of Cain
Do You Wear the Mark
Dirty Black Summer
Bringer of Death


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