Tickets are on sale now for the LA premiere of Danzig's new Verotika horror movie, taking place on Tuesday, June 25 at The Montalban in Hollywood. It's a rare chance to get a glimpse of the film that Birth.Movies.Death calls "a glorious disaster." So far there's no trailer, and there's just been one screening at a horror film festival which led to a whole bunch of reviews saying that it's so bad, it's good, like The Room.

UPDATE: Deadline reports that the movie will be released to VOD on Halloween, and that "screenings are planned in the weeks ahead for Verotika in New York, San Francisco, Austin, and other markets. A Blu-ray and DVD home video release is planned by year’s end."

Speaking of things that may not be so good, Danzig has also promised some "old school vibe" style shows in major cities in support of his forthcoming Elvis covers album. As we briefly mentioned, and from that Full Metal Jackie interview:

...I gotta do a Danzig Sings Elvis thing - select shows maybe around the country. Those will be more special. There's no seating. It's all tables. It's gonna be a very cool kind of old school vibe.

...Yeah, not gonna do a tour. We'll probably do like L.A. or San Francisco, or New York, or maybe we'll go to Austin or maybe we'll go to Houston or something like that. I'm not gonna hop on a bus and do a bunch of Elvis dates. It's not gonna happen, you know.

Stay tuned for those to be announced. Meanwhile, there are four chances in 2019 to catch the reunited Misifts.

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