Dark Meditation are a promising new Seattle band, who, according to their Brian Cook-penned bio, describe themselves as "the bastard amalgamation of Venom and Judas Priest fighting it out on the Sunset Strip while Danzig and King Diamond cheer them on." You can hear that coming through in the singles from their upcoming Matt Bayles-produced debut album Polluted Temples (due January 28 via Satanik Royalty), which channel the riffage of classic heavy metal but also embrace the accessible hooks of hard rock and goth/death rock. (For a more modern comparison, Ghost fans might dig this.) They recently released lead single "Haunt of Fear," and we're now premiering second single "Desolation Days." The band tells us:

"Desolation Days" is a commentary on the disparity between people and our continued march to oblivion, how no matter hard you might try it seems like you can’t keep up with the world and in each passing day, people or institutions manipulate emotions/relationships to get what they want without a care for the toll it takes on society. Fittingly, it’s a righteous strut of mid-tempo death rock with heavy metal flourishes culminating in a fitting chant for the end of days.

Watch the videos for both singles below...

Dark Meditation

1. Horus Rising (Prelude)
2. Babalon.Money.Magick
3. Haunt Of Fear
4. Strange Caress (Of The Night)
5. Masters Coil
6. Desolation Days
7. The Howling Wild
8. Drink Of The Blade
9. Nocturnal Forever
10. Polluted Temples

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